Ultimate Cat Simulator App Reviews

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~Bugs and Glitches~

Hi. I am a fan of the game and I play it every day. I don’t know if this is the games fault but everytime I open the app it automatically crashes or crashes as soon as soon as it loads. I am practically depressed since I just got a kitten before this happened. I know this is happening to other fans of this game.


Hello,I wanted to talk about somethings that I REALLY badly want you to add to this game,first can you make it sort of different like can you make it so we have a big litter of kittens because that’s like a real life thing and simulators should make something like the real life thing!!!! Any way that would be awsome,second could u plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ make a cat bed where the female lays down when it’s time for her to have her baby’s plz,third could you make a bunny simulator?i would really be happy or a reptile? Because u don’t have one of those anyway that’s for listening Peach is out 😉🤪

I am confused 🤷‍♀️ Please respond

I have only been on here for 5 min. And have had some problems. 1. How do I get tame I though there was going to be a option at the beginning and have read thru most of the reviews and can’t find ANYTHING AT ALL. 2same as first 3.I am not trying to be rude but if you don’t respond to this I will rate it bad and put it on Facebook. Thanks for reading


Great game! I am a bit confused because in the cave there is this really cool wild cat but they just walk around you can’t interact with them? I just assumed maybe it’s a StarClan cat that isn’t affected by anything? Idk. Please please PLEEEEEASE MAKE A WARRIOR CATS SIMULATOR! PLEASE! Btw all warriors fans please gather here!! LoyalClan: “Tinystep,” The leader padded to the medicine cat by high rock. “Yes, Tangledstar?” He padded forward, his apprentice following. “How is our deputy?” Tangledstar looked to the grayish cat. “Oh, Boltheart is fine.” Wishpaw exclaimed. Frowning, Tinystep urged the deputy’s daughter to be quiet. “He is fine, I think ya need to relax. His mate is making a fuss about it too.” He grumbled. “What?” Nightstorm padded to the three cats from the grass spot, where Boltheart rested. “Boltheart’s injury is very serious! He could easily have died!” “Neck bites are effective.” Sighed Tangledstar. “That’s how I lost a life in the battle.” “I’m glad those rouges are gone.” Tinystep let out a sigh of relief. “I wonder if Acornclaw knows anything about the attack?” “Right!” Tangledstar searched the cave for Acornclaw. Finally he saw him training with his sons Twogaze and Longperk. “Acornclaw!” The strong-limbed warrior looked to the leader, nodding and padding over to them. “Yes, Tangledstar?” He dipped his head respectfully. “Do you know anything about the rouges that attacked us?” “I knew one of them.” Confessed the Maine coon warrior. “They were working with Sol last I saw them. I don’t really know their name, though.” “Very well.” Tangledstar sent him off with a flick of his tail. The light from the gap in the cave ceiling shined right on Boltheart, who sat up from the soft grass and padded to his mate sleepily. “Any news?” He yawned. “One of them works for Sol!” Nightstorm murmured in his ear. “Really?” Boltheart’s eyes narrowed at Rubyshine. “Have you asked Rubyshine?” The tabby Warrior’s only eye caught his. If she had a tail, then it would’ve twitched. He knew she liked him, he did. But he was Nightstorm’s mate, not hers. Both him and Rubyshine had already had kits with their mates. Boltheart was proud of Goldenpaw, Wishpaw, and Brightpaw! And she should be proud of Longperk and Twogaze. He knew his sister wouldn’t like it if he switched mates. In fact, Gleamscent would claw his ears off! Even is he tried to dodge it. “We talked to her mate.” Tangledstar crouched. “But we don’t know if he is speaking truth.” Suddenly, Boltheart’s belly lurched. What if his good friend was lying! What if they worked with Sol as well? He looked at Rubyshine again. Could they be holding deadly secrets in the most loyal clan of all the clans? No! It couldn’t happen. Boltheart’s fur raised, and his heart beat fast. Was there betrayal here? If so, which cat was responsible? Sol’s brother couldn’t be trusted now, Wishpaw couldn’t learn from a betrayer, could she? And what about Acornclaw and Rubyshine? Were they hiding anything beneath their fur and unknown past? And Snowball, where did she come from and how did she come back as another cat? All the thoughts left him clueless, but one thing made sense. There were lies in the clans. In the heart of all the clans a secret will be revealed, and death will follow. It sounded like a prophecy, but could it be true?

Plz read! Updates and questions

Hello. Plz read thissssss! I will give you 5 stars if you read this, answer my question, and use these suggestions! Soo i have some suggestions. 1. THE PREY ISNT AS FLOPPY! 2. Deer. 3. Make the meow not aggressive 4. Make us able to go in the houses 5. Make other cats be able to be part of our clan 6. Make rabbits smaller 7. Im out of ideas And 2 questions! 1. How do you have kittens? 2. How do you become a house cat?

Some of my problems

I love this game a lot but I have many problems I like jumping but you just can’t seem to jump while standing still, I like pretending my cats from the warrior series but you can’t put in most or long names. 2 cat looks like my cats sugar and kitty i wish they would add multiplayer and where u can be wild cats [tigers leopards lynx] I love these games but the problems make it hard


I love this game and I made the cats like kittypets and apprentices and warriors, I also made the cats from the books like Lionblaze and Spottedleaf and made their love and life stories! But I would REALLY appreciate it if you made a game that was actually made for that. I have some ideas for the game. Like you are a tiny kit first and everyone brings you fresh kill until level three. And when you’re level five, you become an apprentice. And maybe you can make a camp for the cats and all the different dens. But you can also choose to be a kittypet. And if you visit the medicine den a lot when you’re a kit you will become a medicine cat. And if you’re a medicine cat then StarClan can come talk to you and stuff! And you can choose what clan you want to be in. Your mother will choose your name and your clan leader will choose your warrior name and your mentor. Maybe if you where a good warrior and did all your duties well, you could become deputy and have to organize everything. Then when your leader dies, you can become leader. Oh! And you should DEFENETLY be able to talk to other cats! Like if a cat comes up to you and says something to you there’s a list of responses you can choose from (my suggestion would be four or five.) You need to make a warrior cat simulator. I’m sure it would make so many people happy, not just me. I love your sims and I hope you keep making more AND especially the warrior sim. But I love your games and thank you for miking them so much!!!!! (If you get old and you’re not deputy of clan leader or medicine cat, you can become an elder and the apprentices will bring you fresh kill!) Thanks!

Tamed cat

Hi, can you tell me a way to get tamed? I am still wondering. Besides that, I would recommend this game to anyone who loves animals or just cats in general. I give it five stars!

Okie, lots of fun

I don't use this game much because I'm a bit busy with my art and animating, but whenever I need a break, it's just what I need to get back to focusing. Thank you for making this. It has helped me continue my work and even helped me improve my cat sketches a little! (The graphics helped develop my drawing style after staring at my rp cat for 30 minutes.) I recommend this for anyone who just can't focus on their art and needs a fun break, or just any gamer who likes cats. 😸👍🏽

5 Stars baby!!

I absolutely LOVE your apps! I was thinking if maybe you could make an epic version of your simulators, better quality and graphics if you could, the epics would be higher than ultimate. Just an idea, you don’t have to quit, you could make new versions and better versions of the games of the past.

A few problems

One, how do you get adopted, there are like NO people. Second there are always bugs that make the app crash. Third The city is empty and there is no way to make a den. Am I doing something wrong? I love the game, but I need answers.

Please read!

I have a lot of questions 1 I have no ideas how to become a pet 2.i don’t no how to make a family because all the cats attack you 3.how do you evan open doors?!?

Love it 😍

I love it!!!😻😻😻

Great game!

Hello it’s silver star here! And I love this game and I have a few requests and ideas I wanted to share with you! A request to make the game better is if their are more houses to live in with humans also more areas to live in please?! Also here is an idea I have that other fans have too! Please please please please please please with a cherry on top! Make a warrior cat sim! You start off as a kit for 6 moons (6 levels) then you become a apprentice for 6moons (levels) and then you get a warrior name! And you can have a mate at level 15 and kits at level 17? Also you can have up to four kits and you get to name them and play as them! Later if you want you can choose to die and go to StarClan! Also you can name your clan (ex: snow clan sun clan etc.) please also you can other things and a gathering and wars! Please! Love your games and I would love you even more if you made this sim! - A HUGE warrior cat fan! (Silver star)


First I think you should have a warriors cat sim. Second, I LOVE THIS GAME! PLEASE GET IT PEOPLE YOU WILL NEVER PLAY ANY OTHER GAME AGAIN! And also when you mate it is a random gender and you can turn a girl into a boy or the other way around! Also this is how you get two kittens. 1. Have a mate with your first kitten. 2. Delete the mate. 3. There should be a button that says ‘breed’ 4. ENJOY YOUR NEW KITTEN!!! Also, this is weird. In kittens you can make a fur color you don’t have. one time I got a black cat and white paws which I didn’t have at the time.

Amazing but a couple things

This app is great but there’s some stuff that you must add, airport and airplanes,more space and also the ability to scream and growl and yowl also it’s so glitchy but it is still a great game!



LAG 😾😿

When I first downloaded this game, everything was so laggy! I attempted to play but literally starved because it was too laggy to hunt anything. Please fix this because it's driving me nuts. I don't even know where the city is because the map is laggy too! So I just deleted it. :/ It seems like a really nice game but to laggy to play it. - BallofFluff

Best Cat Sim EVER!!!!!!!😻😻😻🌈

I LOVE animals and it is soooo fun driving a car and skating on a skateboard. If you're really into cats or animals, I recommend this app 1000%. I love the way you can live on the streets of a city, a house, or in the wild. It's so fun to play and I love that there are lots of varieties of the fur color and there are 3 different body structures. Please make a bobcat sim and a pet sim. And please make a life sim. The life sim is is with humans. You can name your person, shape it, do its hair and do whatever you want to her/him. #BESTCATSIMULATEREVERMADE!!❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜

Meow Per per

I love this game. Love how the cats fighting really makes a squishy sound when you move their claws. The cats customization is lovely. I wish she would make a ultimate griffin simulator. Please also update the original griffin simulator because it was my favorite of all of the non-ultimate games that you created. But it won’t work with iOS 11.

Problem with everyplay

Hey my everyplay account is little miss lollipop and I have videos featuring your some of your ultimate simulator games and I get if everyplay is a separated thing from your games but I recorded some videos and the audio never appear i don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the everyplay app or it’s your game not blaming just saying I’m upset by it and other than that everyplay doesn’t let you edit videos it should so if you are friends or in work with everyplays company or producer of the app ask them to change the update thank you! (Plz don’t delete my account for this just asking) 🙂


When I got this app it was fun!But the second time I clicked on the app it wouldn’t let me on it would only glitch me off.

This game is CLAWSOME!!!!

I ❤️ this game! It’s SO fun, there is always something to do. Oh, and Pearl Hare you were a little too harsh, I mean you said, “Fix this or I will kill you.” I mean come on! Also, thanks for always listening to your players’ suggestions.

I need to get adopted!!! Read this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I got the game and I found a city and I wanted to get adopted but I didn’t know how. SO CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW!!!!!!!!!!!????? Still can someone please please please tell me how to get adopted in this game please tell me!!!!!!!!!?????

Plsssss fixxxxx

I've had my iPad ever since Christmas which is like maybe 3-4 years? Idk but every time I get on 3 seconds later it lags me off! I don't think it's because of my old iPad because it's not even that is old. Please fix this then it sure of heck will be a five star! I keep deleting it and downloading it to see if that works but it doesn't even help. Please fix this! ~Alexis

Awesome, one BIG problem though,

I was swimming and I found a chest, but it was ALL the way at the bottom of the pond!


I now know how to get adopted and i love this game.But i want you to add some stuff please.First can you add like a person who catches cats like a cat catcher.If the cat catcher got you he or she would send you to an adoption center.Were you could choose the people or person you wanted.You could also choose what house you would like. I know this list might be a little longer but can you please can this stuff.I am not saying i don’t like your games but they are all the same but i like that they have different environments for the animals.I think that just the older i pads crash but mine works fine in all your simulators.Keep up the good work.Also here is my cat well cats live story my cat is a house cat but like to roam around the neighborhood killing dogs and other things.But some times goes back to the city to look back at her live when she was a stray.So i guess my cats are kind of wild.My she cats name is snowflake and the male’s name is cinnamon and they had a kitten named strips.Who is now not a kitten and is trying to level up to be on his parents level.


I bought this game because it had fairly good reviews, looked fun, and was a pretty reasonable price. So I buy it, and it downloads almost IMMEDIATELY, which I was kind of skeptical about... So I open the app, and the GlutenFree Games logo comes up, and it crashes. So I paid $0.99 for the logo. That’s it. I’m very disappointed. I see everyone making these great reviews about these apps, and I was really excited. I had the right IPad version, and the right IOS, and enough space for the app to run, and this is all I got. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know, I was really excited to play this game.

Crashes upon opening!

It crashes when I open it. Only the company logo appears then it crashes! Fix and I’ll give more stars!


This is a great app, only one problem. I can only add one cat to my fam. HELP!


I love this game even my baby sister does but I think it should be Easer to get tamed like 8 don’t know even how other than that this games awesome that’s why I gave it five star. I recommend buying this game it’s worth it.

Good game!

I love the fact it’s so smooth. Also, I have a glitch to tell you. There was a duck in the road and a car came and drove over the duck. Then, it proceeded to just keep going, but it was flying in the air. Anyway, keep up the good work! Here are some suggestions for another game: •Deer sim 🦌 •kangaroo sim •monkey sim 🐵 Signed, me

Won't let me in

THIS APP DOES NOT WORK. It does not open. It loads FOREVER then closes itself. I have deleted and re-downloaded it multiple times. It does not work. It seems fun though, from videos, that is the only reason I gave it 🎆🎆 and not 🎆 (🎆=star).


AWESOME!!! The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to live with a owner....... I’ll try to figure out in the other reviews! LOVE!🐱🐱🐱🐱. CATGIRL27

Idk if it's my iPad or what

I Can't Even Get Into The Freaking Game!! Every Time I Try To Load Up The Game It Crashes And Don't Get Me Wrong I Love Gluten Free Games But This One I Can't Even Get Into All The Other Gluten Free Games I Can Get Into I Don't Even Know If It's And Older Game Than The Others So Could That Be The Reason? That's my only complaint! Please fix this

Outback simulator

My name is Tristian and I really like Outback animals

Really Good But Some Issues

The game is extremely amazing! I highly recommend it. But there is some glitches, sometimes my cat will sink into the ground and for some reason the rib cage thing for scavenging will appear in the den and its levitating. Usually there are three things. Also sometimes in the mines I get to lost and fall through then I land in water with the island above me. It’s weird. And also when I go to battle the”wild cat” it is not there. There was one time when it was there, I hissed , meowed , scratched and it didn’t let me battle it it just walked away or stood there, could u do something about that?Other wise the game is totally amazing keep it up, GFG!!!!


I fricken spent a dollar on this game and it won’t even open. I want a fricken refund!!!

It’s crashing :(

I was so excited to play it but the game keeps crashing as soon as I open it. What can I do?

Game is AWSOME👍👍😝

I love the app it's so fun but anyways let's cut to the chase. Well first off can we purr so we can get adopted if we want I want to get adopted and I gently paw at humans and bam AHHH they scream and they are gone so add purr button add multiplier so we can make clans with friends also less dogs and cats invading my woods unless it. Multiplier And in multiplier we can chat but we can't say much but like let's be friends! Or want to join or start a clan? Or add quests I mean marking your territory three times is not really a quest and can we bring food in our den and we can eat it that all for now see you later my little kitty's!❤️😺 (ps can there be story line like your a young kitten then you destroy stuff and owner kicks you out and you live alone or for people who want to be adopted your a abandon little kitty and you get found and you live in house but you can switch if you. Chang mind)

Fantastic game!

This game is the best simulator you guys have made (in my opinion). This is the only simulator Gluten Free Games has made that doesn’t crash every two minutes; in fact, it doesn’t EVER crash on me! I love the fact that you have a huge world, and lots to do. There’s so many different skins that you can unlock, so it’s like I want to discover and unlock all of them!😆 My only complaint would be that sometimes I’ll be riding my skateboard, and it’ll go really fast, and then all the sudden I will go flying into the ground, start falling through the sky, and die. It’s really weird, and if it could be fixed that would be great. Otherwise this is a great game, keep it up!👍

Needs more

The game is a good game but I think the house should be like 2 or 3 stories high.I also think that they should actually do updated then just leave it the way it is. It would be great if the p.o.v was more realistic like in wolf simulator. I also would like it if u added a piano so the cat could lay or sit on it. It needs more stuff like people in the house and more life realistic. It’s a good game but it needs more. Children would be amazing to have that move around. I know it’s hard to do but it would make the game better. You should do Ultimate Bug simulator. And one more thing for ultimate dog simulator I think you should add more breeds and a command to when your owner takes you for a walk. It’s a very good game


I think that you should concentrate on the current apps and their performance. Update some crashes and glitches in those games. Don’t get me wrong I love all of the new games. I just want to have a smoother gameplay of the current apps.

Fun ... but

Can you please add more animals for the cats to hunt? Fireflies, butterflies, and dragonflies in the park and the island? Can make all the doors in the people houses and buildings open? Add more cats 🐈 to the pack? More homes in and out of the buildings for the cat packs? And can they play instruments, sing, and dance like on TV. Can you add more homes, a few more mice 🐁, rats 🐀, rabbis 🐇, and sparrows. And the TV can be turned on. Can you please add a huge boulder in the backyard, a gorge with a cave, a huge garage can, and a cliff with a cave at the island.

This app is okay

I have a few problems with this. I can’t say hello to any cat??!! And I can’t figure out how to become tame.

PERFECT, but I have a suggestion

This app is great, a few glitches but almost perfect. If your an animal lover like me you probably will like this game. I love these games and was so hoping if u guys could make a new fantasy simulator where you could play as a griffin, unicorn, Pegasus, and other cool stuff. Guess I’ll have to wait for this new simulator though.

How do you Play

Hi, I’m just wondering how you eat other things in that is game. My daughter loves this and has forgotten already.

I looooooove 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱💖💙💕❤️

I was adooooooopted! BOO YAHE!😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱😚

It is cool but awkward

So I'm a just a normal cat and I find myself living a good life until I see a fat moth come over and it was not cute. So I'm like luckily it's just scenery. But then it tries to attack and eat me so then I'm like WHAT THE.........oh my goodness! So then I find a home with a boss battle in there so I'm like "I wish I chose a better one" but then that boss is a rat that when I defeated it I fell into a net, got caught and that was in the water so my life as a cat wasn't what I dreamed of at all.

UFO cars coming in

So i was playing one day then some car across the street is just...how do I explain this XD..flying like its Superman in the air it was just....FIX THIS PLS I’m gonna die of the laughing fix this PLS

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