Ultimate Cat Simulator App Reviews

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Please read this!!!!!!

I really want you guys to make warrior cats!! I love there books!! I know it must take a long time to make a ultimate simulator 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈!!plz!


The game is good and I absolutely love it but now my game is glitching and won't even let me move around once I log in it signs out of the app. Please fix it I was really enjoying the game. Thank you :)

Ultimate Arctic Simulator?

I had a idea for a new game....Ultimate Arctic Simulator! You could be a polar bear, snow leopard, Arctic fox, penguin, seal, snowy owl, and other Arctic animals! Ohh! Also could you make it where the ice sheets break up like they do in the real world. And could you add the Northern Lights.

Ultimate suggestions for games

1.ultimate arctic sim 2.ultimate desert sim 3.ultimate farm sim 4.ultimate fantasy sim Ultimate arctic sim: be a polar bear, elk, snow leopard, seal, arctic hare, arctic fox, or an arctic wolf! Bosses: black polar bear, dragon wolf, red leopard, and ice fox. Ultimate desert sim: be a camel, coyote, dingo, meerkat, kangaroo or ostrich! Bosses: the Sahara coyotes, deadly dingo, and pouncing kangaroo! Ultimate farm sim: be a pig, cow, sheep, chicken, donkey, sheepdog, and cat! Bosses: wolf, black bear, animal control, and animal trappers! Ultimate fantasy sim: be a werewolf, dire wolf, Cerberus, chimera, pheonix, unicorn, jackalope, or Pegasus! Bosses: the beheaded werewolf, hydra, poisonous chimera, deadly dire wolves, and the evil cerberus! By the way this is the designs I want to have for the magic animals. Some Werewolf: ripped clothing, bloody tail, scratch over eye. Dire wolf: White wolf, tiny dash of grey. Cerberus: 3 headed dog, cropped ears, made completely from volcano. Chimera: Lion head on bottom, goat head on top of lion, serpent tail (snake). Jackolope: Rabbit with antelope antlers. Oopsies, forgot penguin for arctic sim. Not rushing you, keep it up. I love your games. Can't wait!


I'm really impressed but not surprised. Every game that comes out is always amazing! Just thought I needed to write something 👍❤️


Whenever I try to open the app it always shows a loading screen and then it crashes and it goes back to my home screen! Plz fix... thx😁

How do you get adouted?

How do you get adouted?

Great but a suggestion for a new app

Hai people! Kawaii person here! This is one of my fav games except for Minecraft. I just think that you should make an app and a lot of other people want to have as well. WARRIOR CAT SIM!!!!!!! I really need this in my life! If you do it, I will encourage all my friends to get it, and I will get it, under the condition that you make it really fun. Yours truly, Kawaii Cat Girl

Great game, funny story....

I think that this was a great game, but I don’t think other animals should be killing other animals. (Fox attacks wolves, etc.) So, funny story, I was looking for a boss, and I saw a wolf attacking a black squirrel. The wolf killed the squirrel, and the screen was like, You defeated the Black Squirrel! I thought, Umm... So that’s why animals attacking animals isn’t good. Also, can you make an ocelot simulator, please?

Updating, fixing and improving Ultimate Cat Simulator

Would you please fix, improve and update Ultimate Cat Simulator because: 1. It crashes when I play this game or when I launch to this game 2. I can’t fight the cat boss on the mountain which won’t fight back

Awesome game!!!!😁

I love this game I haven’t had any glitches it’s really fun and kind of realistic. But you have to make a ultimate worrier cat game. The series of books is awesome so you have to.

Love it but

I think you should be able to choose what house you live in and add more animals to the game but I love it

I love it but can't figure somethings out

I love the game but I can't get into any buildings and there are no dens anywhere. And I am not able to have kittens?!?! I think it is because there are no dens I can mark so I have no home to go to.


The wildcat wont attack.Please fix while your working on your next game and I created a story.Supernatural things happen where Luna and Jade are so they fight the animals with supernatural abilities(bosses). Evil Doberman:mind control Wildcat:power over fire,water,earth,air,ice,sand,and lightning Iguana:shapeshifter Black squirrel:strength Giant rat: laser eyes Red fox:telekinesis Please fix this immortal kitty cat

Harry Potter 🙀

The game reminds me so much of Harry Potter thanks to the flying cars, and once my owner was standing on her hands, her legs where her arms should be, and the head is correct

Too easy of a game.

Your next update should be making hunting harder by making snakes venomous, some butterflies poisonous, squirrels should climb trees, ducks and sparrows fly away into the air when spotted, and birds of prey swoop down from above to attack unwatched kittens. Lastly when a clan member dies it should be a 50/50 chance if they live or die forever.


Whail I was playing the game I found a treasure chest in the water and it won’t let my cat dive for the chest could you please fix this, it’s really frustrating that I can’t get the chest or the cat can’t dive to get it. But I really enjoy the game it’s super fun and interesting but it’s hard to find a home to settle into as well.


This is one of your company’s best games!!!!!!😍😍😍😍I’ve played MANY cat simulator last and this one is at the top!!!Please keep up the good work!!!!!!And I have a few suggestions:Maybe you could make it where you can mate with other players.Or you could add more houses and make it multiplayer.Dab on the haters!!!!!

Love it!! Suggestions tho :D

Ok! So for as long as I’ve had my iPad I’ve been looking for a game like this! So glad I found this game! So much fun! But... I would LOVE it even more if you would add LAN games or servers 😝🤗🤯🤯🤯

It’s good but.....

I love this game so much. It’s really fun, and the huge map to explore is awesome! But, it has a few glitches: flying cars, dead cats rising from the dead, and it crashes literally every minute.


I’ve reached level 55 and it won’t allow me to breed another kitten? If this could be fixed that’d be great!

How to get inside

Ok so I just got this game five minutes ago and I’m already loafing it. There is just one problem, I am trying to find a way to get tame but I’m having trouble finding out how to so I was hoping u could make it I little easier to get tamed, otherwise it is just amazing!

Awesome 😎

Well overall the game is great but in the house den there is one room I can’t get into its the one that has the fox simulator picture on it and let us go into every building and please make us be able to have kittens right when we reach the right level and please make a warrior cat sim everyone asks you that and you never do it!!!!😡. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make a warrior cat sim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am on level 54 already!!


This game is great, and by the way if you are wondering how to get adopted, you just enter the domestic den.



Best Cat Simulator Ever 😂😻😾😼😽😺😸🙀😹😿

Cats are great...And so is this game!!! I like the house the graphics and that you can defeat bosses. I also have the ultimate dog simulator and the both of the strays. Sincerely, Aubrey P.S Can you please make it to where you can see the owner refilling the bowls and the people driving and see the owner walk and other stuff?

The kits of the medicine cat ( a ultimate cat sim story )

One day, Frost night (medicine cat female ) mated with cinnamon jaw ( deputy tom. ) she wasn’t supposed to have a mate due to the warrior code. Cinnamon jaws apprentice lunar paw ( she cat ) was the only one who knew. One day frost night delivered her kits but it was too much for her. “ tell spark star that a rouge killed me and say you found the kits next to her. “ frost night mewed. “ no, you can’t go, “ meowed cinnamon jaw. Frost night closed her eyes and stopped breathing. “ what’s going on, “ meowed spark star ( she cat leader. ) “ a rouge cat killed frost night and I found two kits next to the rouge cat, so I thought that you would take them in, “ Cinnamon jaw meowed. “ ok the Siamese looking one will be jade kit and the orange one will be fire kit, “ meowed spark star. They grew to apprentices. They became fire paw and jade paw. Then they became warriors. They became jade tail and fire heart. Fire heart became deputy and jade tail became medicine cat. Fire heart became leader. He became fire star. Then, jade tails death came. Then fire star had died. He was reunited with jade tail and cinnamon star ( yep, he became leader ) and their never met Mom, frost night. The end! Hope you enjoyed my story!

How Can You Get Adopted Without Dying Like, 20 Times?!?

Ok, so I got Ultimate Cat Sim. I now have another member of my group, Whiteclaw. I’m Moonpool. I’m on level 7, and I want to get adopted so f***ing bad! How the h**l do you get adopted? That’s my only question. Bye for now! Your friend, Moonpool

Dead dogs

I've always love gluten free games but now playing this game I noticed that instead of when you defeat a dog it would just run away like in the old games now you actually kill the dog and when I saw this I got a very horrible image of a dead dog in my head


How do I get tamed Please tell me why


As usual, your game is stunning. The graphics are high quality, and the animation looks realistic. Many people are asking for a warriors simulator, and I’m a fan of that series too, but there are ways to create a story here and write a book about your character. My only complaints involve actions the cat can do and receive. I’ve always liked the cars, and they can even glitch and crash. But you don’t die if you’re hit by one. I’d like to see that, where if your group members wander in the path of a car, and they’re hit, they’ll die. The cat also cannot climb any trees, unlike the jungle simulator, where even a frog can climb the trees. I think you should incorporate that mechanic to this game, where your speed slows down and enters climb mode when you jump on a trunk. Besides that, the game is great!


Ok, so, this is a GREAT game. So, to make it even better, I suggest adding people that try to take you to the pound. I think this would make the game more realistic. Please add this. I will be VERY sad if you don’t.

Love it plz read

I love this game no bugs or glitches. I just wanted to say I have some ideas for new games one, ultimate lizard sim it may not sound fun but I LOVE LIZARDS 🦎 you would start off as just a gecko but the bad thing is not many types of lizards just if you do make it please please add a blue tongue skink ( its a type of lizard google it) thanks. That’s all keep up the great work

I love this game! But..

This game is the BEST! But I have some problems.... I don’t know how to have grandkittens! I can only have one kitten, and they can’t have kittens. Please add this in that we can have grandkittens or more than one kitten if you haven’t! Maybe I just don’t know how to do it. Also, it would really be generous if we could have more than one kitten at a time! You could make it a surprise. We could have one kitten but rarely, and we could have up to 2, 3, or 4 kittens at a time! Thank you for your understanding! I love this game, it is so fun! Please get back to me cause I really need help. 🙃 thank you!


I like it, but if you’re domestic you should be able to have a collar

>>>>>PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!<<<<<<

Hi I have not played the gam yet I have on.y gotten to the main 'Loading' page. Then it kicks me out. I REALLY want to play this game PLEASE fix this

I love this game but it has one problem

I lover this game it makes me happy but I have a problem, every time I call my mate to follow me it runs away and it only comes when I eat. It drives me crazy I wish you could update it so it wouldn’t be like that please. Also you make the best games!

Not good.

I was mainly dissapointed because you can't choose whetha r tame or wild! You have to find a adoption? That's hard.


This app has a lot of glitches like when I move my cat to a corner in the wall near the train station at the bottom of that corner in the wall, there is a hole so I when to see what was inside of it. When I got inside you are basically upside down and there is a big blue space which is the sky, and when you try to walk on that, you fall and after a few seconds you die with that annoying meow. Another glitch is when I go near the sea I notice that all five of my family members are gone so I went to play as one of my family members and they are in the sea and I went near this tree jumping to try to reach them and it kind of feels like you are falling into a small hole and when I did that I fell into a huger pile of sand thinking that I was at the bottom of the sea but I was not swimming I was standing on all four paws.

Warrior cat

This game is good but it could be better. The water shouldn’t look so weird and the eagles should look better too. But the best idea is to make a warrior cat simulator. Everyone is asking for it. You should start as a kit with littermates and a mother and father. Then after you are six months old you are an apprentice. You should be able to choose whether to be a medicine cat or a warrior apprentice. If you are a medicine cat you can’t have a mate and kits. You have to heal your clan after battles and share dreams with StarClan at the moon pool every half moon. If you are a warrior the leader picks your mentor and you train to hunt and fight. If you are a girl after you have your warrior ceremony you can have a mate and kits and watch them grow up. After a while you can become a senior warrior. The leader can also choose you to be their deputy and you will be put in charge of patrols and making sure everything is running smoothly in the clan. Then when the leader dies you will become leader and travel to the moon pool and receive your nine lives from StarClan. Then when you die as leader you should start over again. If you are not chosen to be leader when you get old you should move into the elders den and live the rest of your life in peace with the apprentices taking care of you. Then when you die you should start over. If you choose to be a medicine cat you will live a completely different life. You will be trained by the medicine cat and you will receive your name when they see fit. You will become the clans medicine cat from when the medicine cat dies. These are some examples of names. Kit names: nutkit mouse kit graykit Apprentice names: nutpaw mousepaw graypaw Warrior names: nutwhisker mousefur graystripe Medicine cat names: leafpool jayfeather featherwhisker The medicine cat names are more gentle than warrior names Leader names : firestar black star leapordstar Please please please please make this game. Everyone will be soooooooooo happy including me. It will be the greatest thing you will ever do and I will be soooooooooo grateful and so will everyone else. Please please please make everyone’s dreams of the best game ever come true. It will be sooooo awesome!!!! Thank you for reading this and please please please make this game please please please. Because if you don’t there will be a lot of🤬😱😨😰😥😓😭☠️👎🏻

Horrible, don't download

Guys! Whatever you do, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME I hate cats and want to kill every cat! So do the right thing, and end the mistake of this terrible game!




Okay, so, first of all? If you're the kind of person who is obsessed with cats, like, uh... a crazy cat lady? Then this game is for you. This is also the perfect match for a Warriors reader. You can be tame (kittypet) or wild (Clan cat), or even live as a stray cat (on the streets), but for me, the best choice is the wild selection. The graphics are extraordinary, and it's super-fun to play. There are NO in-app purchases, and it's easy to level up. You can have a mate and kits, too, which is adorable :D I was first playing Stray Cat Simulator when I saw this and immediately bought it. For only ninety-nine cents, this is totally worth it. I honestly have no complaints, beside some glitches, I guess? But, hey, no one's perfect! You can hunt, swim, fight bosses, and explore the forest! The only land I haven't been to so far is that black-ish island on the map. That was brutal when I saw that it was, like, a huge mountain and I had swam all that way for nothing 😭. But I really don't care. I also have a few requests: Warrior Cat Simulator, where you can play and create a Clan with other players :) A Tiger Simulator would be great, too. If you're wondering whether to get this for $0.99, read this!!!! I'm sure it'll change your mind. Also, ninety-nine cents is NOT a lot of money to buy... well... THIS INCREDIBLE GAME! Literally. MY FAVOURITE GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE!!!! I love all Gluten-Free creations, and I encourage you to check out Dragon Simulator, Ultimate Bird Simulator, and Snow Leopard Simulator!

Hay! I have a few problems and some requests.

Hi! My name is Phoebe and I have downloaded like ALL the gluten free games. The thing is is that all of them are the same, but with differerent animals. Now, I Love dogs and I want This app to be a thing but with dogs. I have some suggestions for dogs if you make an app for them like this: Collie, Pomeranian, Boston Terrier, HUSKY😍, German Shepherd, Golden retriever,And Dalmatian. And maybe at lvl 50 or something A special surprise dog. So the bugs that I have with this game is when I skateboard I go really fast and sometimes I go to fast accidentally, so I fly into the ground, go through he map and loose my skateboard. Yeah, sounds weird...when that happens if I'm close to a body of water I swim over there and if I'm not I have to close the app. Please fix that. I also have a bug that when I first entered the main bedroom in the house, I could go in but then I left the house and then the door closed and I couldn't get in, I closed the app, (not going to delete because I found a cat that look just like JIMINY😍, My kitty) So, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix or I will find you and I will kill you. Phoebe.

Disgusting! 🤢

This game is kinda cool because you get to be a cat and all but seriously, its disgusting! I'm sorry but the fact that you can EAT other cats is just gross! It would be SO much better if you fixed what you could eat and not eat. And it's just sad and also weird that you could kill animals 😫 the small prey I get but bears and other big game? Ugh 😤

Love it

I love this game it's so good!!!

I wish I could play this

I spent .99 on a game that won't even load for me. I have iOS 9.3.5, so that's not it. I can't even figure out how to get a refund. At least on Android, they give you 15 minutes to try the game out, and still get a refund. I would keep the game easily, if I could play it, but it keeps crashing to desktop.

Bets game ever!!!!!

😁 this game is the best I really love gluten free games I love playing as animals

Great!!! But...

So this is an awesomely amazingly super game! I love it so much! I play it SO MUCH!!! I already have 4 cats!And there is only one lag (which isn't a big deal.) the lag is when you click on the app it loads and then crashes. But that isn't much of a big deal. Okay GFG I am SO sorry for bugging you with another game idea but, what I love about you guys is that you listen to your fans! My idea is Ultimate Lynx Simulator. You are a Lynx and ya know the same basis to all of your games level 5 mate and all that jazz. But instead of having one kit you can have up to 3 kits. Well that's all of my ideas! <^<^<^<<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^<^ Now a story from

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