Ultimate Cat Simulator App Reviews

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I now know how to get adopted and i love this game.But i want you to add some stuff please.First can you add like a person who catches cats like a cat catcher.If the cat catcher got you he or she would send you to an adoption center.Were you could choose the people or person you wanted.You could also choose what house you would like. I know this list might be a little long but can you please can this stuff.I am not saying i don’t like your games but they are all the same but i like that they have different environments for the animals.I think that just the older i pads crash but mine works fine in all your simulators.Keep up the good work.

Good game!

I love the fact it’s so smooth. Also, I have a glitch to tell you. There was a duck in the road and a car came and drove over the duck. Then, it proceeded to just keep going, but it was flying in the air. Anyway, keep up the good work! Here are some suggestions for another game: •Deer sim 🦌 •kangaroo sim •monkey sim 🐵 Signed, me

Love the game! I have a problem though

I was at level 15 and I found a cat and tried mating with it. I battled it down to 50 o/o but was not able to mate with it. Also, I already had a mate and just breed a kit, so I figured that was it.

Won't let me in

THIS APP DOES NOT WORK. It does not open. It loads FOREVER then closes itself. I have deleted and re-downloaded it multiple times. It does not work. It seems fun though, from videos, that is the only reason I gave it 🎆🎆 and not 🎆 (🎆=star).


AWESOME!!! The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to live with a owner....... I’ll try to figure out in the other reviews! LOVE!🐱🐱🐱🐱. CATGIRL27

Idk if it's my iPad or what

I Can't Even Get Into The Freaking Game!! Every Time I Try To Load Up The Game It Crashes And Don't Get Me Wrong I Love Gluten Free Games But This One I Can't Even Get Into All The Other Gluten Free Games I Can Get Into I Don't Even Know If It's And Older Game Than The Others So Could That Be The Reason? That's my only complaint! Please fix this

Outback simulator

My name is Tristian and I really like Outback animals

Really Good But Some Issues

The game is extremely amazing! I highly recommend it. But there is some glitches, sometimes my cat will sink into the ground and for some reason the rib cage thing for scavenging will appear in the den and its levitating. Usually there are three things. Also sometimes in the mines I get to lost and fall through then I land in water with the island above me. It’s weird. And also when I go to battle the”wild cat” it is not there. There was one time when it was there, I hissed , meowed , scratched and it didn’t let me battle it it just walked away or stood there, could u do something about that?Other wise the game is totally amazing keep it up, GFG!!!!


I fricken spent a dollar on this game and it won’t even open. I want a fricken refund!!!


GREAT GAME! PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE make a WARRIORS sim. (Warriors book by Erin Hunter) and do life in the Lake, make your own name from ‘kit, ‘paw, and ‘star if you have that path. Make the leader choose a good name for you... not like Honeycatcher more like Honeycomb.

It’s crashing :(

I was so excited to play it but the game keeps crashing as soon as I open it. What can I do?

Game is AWSOME👍👍😝

I love the app it's so fun but anyways let's cut to the chase. Well first off can we purr so we can get adopted if we want I want to get adopted and I gently paw at humans and bam AHHH they scream and they are gone so add purr button add multiplier so we can make clans with friends also less dogs and cats invading my woods unless it. Multiplier And in multiplier we can chat but we can't say much but like let's be friends! Or want to join or start a clan? Or add quests I mean marking your territory three times is not really a quest and can we bring food in our den and we can eat it that all for now see you later my little kitty's!❤️😺 (ps can there be story line like your a young kitten then you destroy stuff and owner kicks you out and you live alone or for people who want to be adopted your a abandon little kitty and you get found and you live in house but you can switch if you. Chang mind)

Fantastic game!

This game is the best simulator you guys have made (in my opinion). This is the only simulator Gluten Free Games has made that doesn’t crash every two minutes; in fact, it doesn’t EVER crash on me! I love the fact that you have a huge world, and lots to do. There’s so many different skins that you can unlock, so it’s like I want to discover and unlock all of them!😆 My only complaint would be that sometimes I’ll be riding my skateboard, and it’ll go really fast, and then all the sudden I will go flying into the ground, start falling through the sky, and die. It’s really weird, and if it could be fixed that would be great. Otherwise this is a great game, keep it up!👍

Needs more

The game is a good game but I think the house should be like 2 or 3 stories high.I also think that they should actually do updated then just leave it the way it is. It would be great if the p.o.v was more realistic like in wolf simulator. I also would like it if u added a piano so the cat could lay or sit on it. It needs more stuff like people in the house and more life realistic. It’s a good game but it needs more. Children would be amazing to have that move around. I know it’s hard to do but it would make the game better. You should do Ultimate Bug simulator. And one more thing for ultimate dog simulator I think you should add more breeds and a command to when your owner takes you for a walk. It’s a very good game


I think that you should concentrate on the current apps and their performance. Update some crashes and glitches in those games. Don’t get me wrong I love all of the new games. I just want to have a smoother gameplay of the current apps.

Great but Please add This

So this game is the best game ever! But you need to make more homes. It would be cool if we could live in big caves.Oh and also make an airport and an airplane ✈️ Please. I know that would be hard, but it would be better than ultimate! WHO WOULD WANT TO LIVE IN A SEWER!?!?!?!?!?!

Fun ... but

Can you please add more animals for the cats to hunt? Fireflies, butterflies, and dragonflies in the park and the island? Can make all the doors in the people houses and buildings open? Add more cats 🐈 to the pack? More homes in and out of the buildings for the cat packs? And can they play instruments, sing, and dance like on TV. Can you add more homes, a few more mice 🐁, rats 🐀, rabbis 🐇, and sparrows. And the TV can be turned on. Can you please add a huge boulder in the backyard, a gorge with a cave, a huge garage can, and a cliff with a cave at the island.

This app is okay

I have a few problems with this. I can’t say hello to any cat??!! And I can’t figure out how to become tame.

PERFECT, but I have a suggestion

This app is great, a few glitches but almost perfect. If your an animal lover like me you probably will like this game. I love these games and was so hoping if u guys could make a new fantasy simulator where you could play as a griffin, unicorn, Pegasus, and other cool stuff. Guess I’ll have to wait for this new simulator though.

How do you Play

Hi, I’m just wondering how you eat other things in that is game. My daughter loves this and has forgotten already.

I looooooove 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱💖💙💕❤️

I was adooooooopted! BOO YAHE!😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱😚

It is cool but awkward

So I'm a just a normal cat and I find myself living a good life until I see a fat moth come over and it was not cute. So I'm like luckily it's just scenery. But then it tries to attack and eat me so then I'm like WHAT THE.........oh my goodness! So then I find a home with a boss battle in there so I'm like "I wish I chose a better one" but then that boss is a rat that when I defeated it I fell into a net, got caught and that was in the water so my life as a cat wasn't what I dreamed of at all.

UFO cars coming in

So i was playing one day then some car across the street is just...how do I explain this XD..flying like its Superman in the air it was just....FIX THIS PLS I’m gonna die of the laughing fix this PLS

A Litter

Can you make the game more realistic and add it so when you have a kitten you get a litter of them and not just one?

It’s a good game but.....

So I’ve been playing it for a day now and I noticed that the kittens come out of the male cat......yeah if you could fix that, please fix it. And if the human that takes care of the cats, if she can interact with them more, for example opening the doors/ closing the doors. But over all it’s a pretty good game!


I was playing all this morning when my iPad died so a plugged it in, then once it was at like 20% i tried go on but it won’t let me even if it does then I shuts off, it’s making me REALLY annoyed 😾 plz fix so I can play again

💗 🐈

I love my cats but one problem is that if I get on the app it brings me back to my home screen and I get back on fix this for me

Riding a car or skate board!!!!!!!!!????

When you get the house 🏡 you actually get a car and a skate board it is funny 😆! I love the simulator you can even go outside and try it! Seriously though try it 😆!

Rip off

So I have this problem when you log in the game, it crashes. This is very upsetting because I payed money to play and it just crashes. Just giving y'all a heads up that if your game crashes before you even get in the game.... You just waisted money.

Not very good...😱😱😱

I had this game, it was one dollar to buy. I can't get to the city, or eat, or even meet other cats. The game glitches and gets me off of it. I say it wastes your money. Don't get.

I can't get an owner

Plz read When I get to the city I can't get an owner and first of all I want to know how to get one. Also there are a lot of lags and sometimes I can't even get in the game. Plz do an update soon and fix the lags

I’m stuck

I just wonder around aimlessly because I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. And the dens that I can mark as my own and respawn to are in the middle of nowhere and most of the time I’m just walking. I found the city. How do I get inside buildings? What am I supposed to be doing? There should really be more in-depth guidelines.


Finally! The game is allowing me to open it! It must’ve needed more time to start up? Who knows, I’ve always loved these types of games and I’m excited to see what’s new in the ultimate versions of everything!

I need to get adopted!!!

So I got the game and I found a city and I wanted to get adopted but I didn’t know how. SO CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW!!!!!!!!!!!?????


I BEG OF YOU PLEASE MAKE A MERMAID SIMULATOR <3 <3 <3 your games are amazing but please make a mermaid simulator

Adoption issue

Hey I just want you to include an update where like in the beginning of the game or when you make a new cat slot you have the option to be wild or go into a shelter! I just can't seem to find how to get adopted and where to go! Or you could drop the cat in the middle of a city wall or the wild so we could choose a side! I just really wanna be a house cat, it's to hard being wild! Please please please include these issues that I have into an update! Thanks!

Omg water is floating

Ok so when i playing as my cat I was riding the Lamborghini (like I always do) The water was freaking floating in the air so I redownloaded the game and the water was still floating and then I sawed 10 cats killing my cat mate Then we all died😾😾😾😾


I LOVE this game!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 Could you make a ultimate mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ simulator? Or at least a mermaid simulator? Make it so that you can customize the tail and the top piece! Though make those separate customizations so that you can mix and match the tail and top pieces! PLEASE READ THIS GLUTEN FREE GAMES! I’d LOVE to see a mermaid simulator! I’d even buy some of your other sims if you made a mermaid sim! I only have the ultimate cat sim but it’s epic! I’d also like to see a Warrior Cat sim. Warrior Cat books are by Erin Hunter. But I’d rather the mermaid. I know you get a lot of requests and it takes a looooong time to make games but please consider making mermaid and Warrior cat sims!

I love it but...

I have one thing you might be interested in. Cud you make a pet sim, with a cat, dog, bird, and fish, you can choose the rest. You can find lots of homes like a apartment, home and a codige out in the woods? Plezzzzzzzzz thins wold be the game of my dreems.🐈🐕🕊🐍

Lag !

Abandoned 30 minutes after we bought it - impossibly slow and unusable. Waste of money.

My favorite game but a single request

This is my personal favorite and it only costs 99cent. I’m impressed with this game. I only have 1 request and this goes for all the ultimate simulators and that request is seasons. Make it change season and each season have its own characteristics such as winter there is snow and water is frozen(so you have to break the ice) and that it’s harder to find food. And spring there is more rain and there is a lot or green plants and flower buds and baby animals. Summer is prey rich and all water is higher and unfrozen and there are floods. Fall there are hurricanes and tornadoes with lots of storms. Winter has no leafs and fall has orange, red, and yellow leaves and spring has small bright green leaves with flower buds. And summer has leaf full trees with green leaves.This would be a great feature to ultimate simulators in my opinion please add it.

Awesome one problem

Hi I am jack how do you go to the city or indoors

Falling in love

I love this game so so so so much! It’s the best game you ever made!

Funny Glitches & how to be indoors!

Funny glitches make this game amazing! Like flying cars! I was bedazzled when I saw that! Then, the going through the sidewalk! Wow! And after that, my kitten keeps on jumping on my head and jittering! The flapping when holding your prey is hilarious! 🍼If you want to get adopted for real, you want to go north on the eastern island. When you see a neighborhood, go to the orange house. One door is hard to open, but you can do it! The house comes with a skateboard and a car.🍼

I'm having a few problems...

Hello Gluten Free Games! I just love your Stray Cat Simulator game, and downloaded Ultimate cat Simulator and expected the same enjoyable game. But, when I purchased it, and got into it, it just started crashing and it kept crashing. Over some time, it started to work, but lagged so bad making it barely playable, and it's crashing again. I would love to get a answer to the problem so I can enjoy the wonderful game! Please fix soon, I really want to play! Thanks Somebody toucha' my spaghet

Love It!

It's so great! I love you can make videos and post them but one thing. In the corner you can video tape in real life but I don't know how to do it. It's very confusing and I wanna know how so maybe you could try to fix it!

Best Game Ever!!!

This is the best app ever! And Meow Meow!!!


Ok so one of your advertising pictures has “become a pet” but HOW?!?!?!?! You are lying to everyone about that. Also I’m getting stuck in such ridiculous places like middle of the sidewalks, stairs, hills, etc. FIX IT. FIX THEM BOTH!!!!


I like this game but there's one problem... the house you're supposed to go to if you want to be adopted, ya it wouldn't let me in! Please someone tell me a different way to get adopted. P.S. How do you have kittens


Can you please make a multiplayer version. It would be awesome for role play as a Clan cat and hunting or fighting other clans. I would pay anything for a multiplayer cat simulator this good. But I still love this version.

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